Theme Parks & Systems Articles

The Digital Audio Chain
2004-Jul: A snapshot of digital audio in 2004 and a peek at the future.

Who Said It's Not The Projector?
2000-Dec: A review of digital projection technologies to come.

Reveal Theatre Sign Reveals Complexity of Control
2000-Dec: There's more to controlling signs than meets the eye.

New Projection Technology From Silicon Light Machines
2000-Nov: Catch up on the latest concerning the Grating Light Valve.

Did You Say Network?
2001-Aug: Audio and control networks in the year 2001. (HAL, where are you when we need you?)

Audio DSP at NSCA 2001
2001-June: Audio DSP signal processing was prolific at NSCA 2001.

System Art or Sales Science
2000-June: There's more to the sale than just another audio system.

Components Bring Flexibility To Control Nets
2000-Jan: Component software technology can make life easier for both equipment manufacturers and control application builders.

New Directions for SC-10
1999-Sep: A view on the areas in which standards will most benefit the audio industry.

Cobranet Boosts Audio Networks
1999-Jun: The features of Cobranet II and its methods of control.