• VPF Agreements for South America, Philipplines, and Ireland

    Representing multiple clients spanning eight countries, negotiated VPF agreements with the six major Hollywood studios, collectively subsidizing up to $300M of digital cinema equipment.

  • Laser Light Engines

    IPR finalization and brokering of patents.

  • ContentGuard

    Originally spun out of Xerox PARC by Bill Gates as the licensing entity for PARC's trove of security patents, the company evolved as it developed its own IPR and products. Evaluated use cases and developed claim charts for numerous patents.

  • MasterImage 3D

    Developed company presence in Latin America. Evaluation of business opportunities. Review of patent infringement case and participation in defense strategy.

  • DTS (now Xperi), Auro Technologies, IOSONO

    At separate times, evaluation and guidance in cinema strategies, including standards development. Substantial work undertaken with DTS to build up its cinema division prior to its sale.

  • Pathfire

    Guidance in the re-engineering of the company's innovative workflow-oriented broadcast distribution model to the cinema space.

  • In-Three

    Member of the Board of Directors and Corporate Secretary. Drove the first public demonstration of 3-D at ShoWest 2005, spawned by the company's work with Peter Jackson. Ongoing reviews of company performance and strategy.

  • Sprint

    Business planning, technology review, and partnership negotiations for a planned $100M rollout of terrestrial distribution infrastructure for the distribution of digital motion pictures.

  • Deluxe Laboratories

    Strategy guidance and market analysis in the foundation and operation of its digital cinema division.

  • Elevation Partners

    Technology review for the potential acquisition of a publicly-traded company in the cinema space.

  • PirateEye®

    Camcorder detection technology first developed by defense contractor Apogen (now Qinetiq). Sharpened business plan and brokered sale of the technology to FPSI, Inc.

  • UK Film Council's Digital Screen Network

    Advised, drove specification development, and reviewed bids for the first government-funded effort worldwide to install digital projectors in cinemas.

  • National Association of Theatre Owners (NATO)

    Technology consultant for the US exhibition industry during the transition to digital projection. Led exhibition industry input during the development of the DCI Digital Cinema System Specification, early development of security key automation tools, and the standardization of accessible closed caption distribution and associated protocols. Closed caption work recognized by the US Department of Justice.

Major accomplishments in the development of digital cinema technology:

  • DCP (Digital Cinema Package)

    Conceived and led the collaborative effort of Avica, EVS, and Grass Valley to define the Digital Cinema Package (DCP) in 2001. Gave the first presentation on digital cinema packaging at the SMPTE/NAB Digital Cinema Summit in 2002.

  • Cinema Standards for Accessibility

    Conceived and led the standards effort for interoperability of closed caption systems in cinemas, opening up the market to competition and driving down the cost to meet proposed DOJ rules under ADA law.

  • Security Key Automation

    Conceived and led the early standards effort for the the Facility List Message. The FLM is a tool that enables automation of KDMs at exhibition sites.

  • NATO's Digital Cinema System Requirements

    Conceived and led the collaboration of US exbibitors in the development of the NATO System Requirements document, designed to complement the DCI Specification.